Affe’s Music

Once she stepped on stage you could not help but be mesmerised by her exotic nature….America wants her back” – Gay Chicago

Affe Adel’s songs were far removed from the manufactured pop that is dominating the industry and her signature mix of eastern vibes in an R & B/Pop ensemble was a breath of fresh air” – Chicago Music Weekly

Combining self-penned pop songs with a fusion of jazz rhythms and eastern beats, the Affe Adel sound is nothing short of sensational. Signed to a major(whom she quickly sacked because she knew she could do it better herself), Affe went on to single-handedly shoot to success in the US, primarily as a gay icon. Following live appearances on CBS and garnering critical press acclaim, Affe launched her own label and sold over 300,000 copies of her first album, Labyrinth, via her own personal website.

Affe’s last album, Stratospheric, blasts an awe-inspiring sound that knows no boundaries, limits or genres. Each song bears it’s own story and is performed with remarkable energy, individuality and a unique personal style that is only Affe Adel.