Arguably one of the smartest multi-talents in the contemporary world, Affe Adel leaves the average entrepreneur trailing in envy as she freely pitches her ball across a wide spectrum of business sectors – and scores every time!

The Affe Adel story is astonishing – a real life fairytale. Affe, short for Afsaneh (meaning fairytale in Persian) is living proof that, with a bright brain and a bucket load of determination, we really can have it all…..

So, what do you do when you’re a diligent Iranian child with a musical talent and a burning passion to perform, but your family and culture expect a ‘proper’ career? In Affe’s case, she made her family proud with the day job and nurtured her passion in her spare time. Affe embarked on a long and distinguished corporate career, holding impressive management positions across some of the word’s largest blue chip companies including Shell, American Express and IBM. By the age of 27, she became Vice President of Global Business Development for Sitel (listed on NYSE), one of the world’s largest and fastest growing outsourced call centre providers.

In 1997, she co-founded her first company Scicom, a multi award winning offshore services provider, now listed on MESDAQ.

Affe’s second venture was, Tiger Phoenix, a media offering which incorporates: Tiger Phoenix Management – managing some of the most creative artists within the music industry and Tiger Phoenix Productions – creating bespoke original music formats for TV.

Finally, the diverse Affe went on to found, The Heir Group, a business formation company which Identifies new business opportunities, raises the finance to get it of the ground, and takes that business all the way to IPO.

Running alongside this is The Heir Property Group, a property development company in association with leading international designers for the overseas clientel.

But the incredible diversity of this outstanding woman doesn’t stop there. Affe never gave up her passion for the performing arts, and relentlessly filled in any spare moment with local theatre productions, TV acting appearances (including the BBCs ‘Days That Shook The World’), photographic modeling and voice-over work.  But it was her singing and song-writing talent which grabbed the greatest attention. Affe soon found herself with an impressive record deal and staring into the glare of the limelight.

Fusing incredible vocal performance and songwriting ability with her pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and a defiance of the rules – Affe wallows in a charismatic melting-pot which sees her relentlessly breaking exciting new ground throughout the UK music industry.

Vocally the sound of Affe Adel is unparalleled – her genre-breaking middle-eastern pop, blended with a distinctive British accent, had made her a storming success state-side, with enviable record sales (in excess of 300,000 sales via her personal website) and a stalwart fan-base.

But stunning looks, an adorable voice and an addictive on-stage charisma come hand-in-hand with tenacity, determination and defiance with this sharp business-headed woman.  Affe Adel is the woman who ‘sacked’ her UK record label, defied industry rules by conquering the US single-handedly and who now adopts the much shunned and high-risk one-at-a-time nurture and mentor approach to her music management of new bands.

Smart, sharp, unique and pioneering – the talent of Affe Adel is set to make an indelible stamp on the global music scene.  The talent with a name that means ‘fairytale’, is about to hit you with her first chapter – the future holds a story of epic proportions!